Current Graduate Students

Former Students - PhD

Computer Science


Undergraduate Students

Dr. Scott continues to mentor undergraduate students as well, including four current undergraduates. 

Formerly mentored students have gone on to success in technology sector jobs, including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as various Defense (computer vision/HPC) and Finance (HPC, high-frequency trading) industries. Other students have successfully pursued entrepreneurial activities or graduate studies. 

Undergraduate student researchers have included numerous Undergraduate Research Fellows, (1) McNair Scholar, and (1) Discovery Fellow.

Current Undergraduates

Former Undergraduates

Trevor Bajkowski (PhD Computer Science, 2024): Vote-based Ensembling of Non-Uniform Features for More Explainable Data Association and Tracking

Keli Cheng (PhD Computer Science, 2024): Advancing Space-borne Computational Vision for Rare Object Mapping

Pallavi Gupta (PhD Informatics, 2024): Applications of Machine Learning for Personalized Healthcare of Older Adults Leveraging In-home Sensors

Butros Dahu (PhD Informatics, 2024): Exploration of Geospatial AI using Remote Sensing to Discover Climate, Environment, and Athropogenic Features Related to Population Health

Jim Ries (PhD Computer Science, 2023): A client-server architecture for modern times.

Alex Hurt (PhD Computer Science, 2022): Increasing Compulsory Shape Bias in Deep Neural Networks with Differential Morphology for Classification and Detection of RSI

Alex Yang (PhD Computer Science, 2021): Deep Heterogeneous Superpixel Neural Networks for Image Analysis and Feature Extraction

Rasha Gargees (PhD Computer Science, 2020): Multi-stage Cloud Framework Based on Agents for Dynamic, Scalable, and Secure Distributed Computing

Former Students - MS

Chris Scully (MS, Computer Science, 2024): Towards Enabling Distributed Situational Awareness for Autonomous System Collaboration

Ryan Christopher (MS, Computer Science, 2024): Deep Learning Model Comparison on Overhead Remote Sensing Data

Jamal Saied Walker (MS, Computer Science, 2023): A Hierarchical Time-Indexed Database for Multi-Modal Derived Sensor Data using GPU-Accelerated PostgreSQL

Tim Gaines (MS, Computer Science, 2023): Towards Automated and Explorative Characterization of Nano-Energetic Material Response to Directed Energy

Preston Mattox (MS, Data Science & Analytics, 2022): An Examination of the Impacts of Sex Offender Residence Restrictions in St. Louis, MO

Christian Becker (MS, Data Science & Analytics, 2022): Convolutional Neural Networks for Detection of Illicit Airstrips Using Satellite Imagery

Pham Trang (MS, Data Science and Analytics, 2021): Regional Food Consumption and Life Expectancy Analysis

Wenhao Li (MS, Computer Science, 2020): End-to-End Optimization of OpenCL Code

Sue Brownawell (MS, Computer Science, 2020): STEM Activity-based Learning Analytics

Yulin Cao (MS, Computer Science, 2020): Multi-resolution Satellite Image Information Mining with Deep Learning and Classical Image Processing

Tyler Nivin (MS, Computer Science, 2018): Machine Learning, Database Systems

Matthew England (MS, Computer Science 2016): GPU / HPC, Machine Learning

Xinwei Du (MS, Computer Science, 2015): Spatiotemporal Data Analysis and Prediction for Tornado Strength